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How to Upgrade GSX Server Guard 7.1 to 7.5

Before you can upgrade GSX Server Guard version 7.1 to 7.5 it must be uninstalled from the control panel. Follow the instructions below to uninstall GSX Server Guard version 7.1 and install GSX Server Guard version 7.5

GSX Server Guard 7.1


First we are going to stop the service and uninstall GSX Server Guard from the control panel.

  1. Run services.msc and stop the GSX Server Guard service.
  2. Go to Control Panel > Programs and features and remove the GSX Server Guard program:
  3. Follow the steps of the uninstall program.

Installing GSX Server Guard 7.5

  1. Download the GSX Server Guard program from GSX Support website to your station.
  2. Launch the Installation program and follow the step by step procedure.
  3. In the following screen, click Skip to avoid rebooting after the setup is complete:
  4. Complete the installation and launch GSX Server Guard to configure it.

Configuring GSX Server Guard

  1. When GSX Server Guard is launched for the first time, the following message is displayed. Click Yes:
  2. If any setting is missing or is invalid, the Configuration Manager is launched automatically:
  3. Click Edit Config to check what the invalid settings are:
  4. When all your settings are valid, click OK and close the Configuration Manager.

Installing the GSX Server Guard Service

  1. Launch GSX Server Guard.
  2. Stop Domino server before completing the configuration.
  3. The GSX Password Addin needs to be upgraded as highlighted in the Password status field:
  4. Open the Task Scanning tab and click Tasks to check the parameters:
  5. From the General tab, install and start the GSX Server Guard 7.5 Service:
    1. Install the service:
    2. Start the service:
  6. From your Notes client, do a "Replace design" on GSXRebCo.nsf database using the GSXRebCo.ntf template.


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