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GSX Server Guard 7.0.0 Release Notes - Beta version

December 19, 2008
  • Windows NT4 is not supported anymore (use previous 6.2.5 version instead)

New Features

  • Support of Domino V8.5.x.
  • Support of 64 bit Domino versions.
  • New feature allowing to trigger a batch file or executable in case of hung server or task (especially interesting for creating a NSD dump).



  • Improved support of Windows 2008, 32 and 64 bit. This includes a new status tray icon and status message box used to go around Windows security limitations.
  • Added workaround ti fix a problem when a BlackBerry server starts Domino automatically.
  • Additional warning message, in case the SG service cannot be uninstalled.
  • Default dump directory is set to dataIBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT.
  • Added version of Server Guard in the GSXRebco.nsf database.


Fixed Issues 

  • Fixed issue in case sending a broadcast message was taking very long.
  • Fixed issue in the synchronization of maintenance the first week of the year.

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