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GSX Monitor & Analyzer 12.0.1 Release Notes

January 13, 2017

New features

GSX Monitor

  • GSX Monitor now supports Microsoft Skype for Business On-premise User Experience.
  • GSX Monitor now supports Microsoft OneDrive for Business.
  • TLS1.2 Support: it is possible to scan secured URLs regardless of the HTTPs cipher used.

 GSX Robot User

  • GSX Robot User REST APIs security is improved.
  • The GSX Robot User Windows Service is now using a Service Account.
  • The ‘Test Connection’ button allows to ensure the Robot User will work before its first deployment.
  • Windows 7 is now supported for Robot Users.



GSX Monitor

  • User Experience Manager alerts and wizard are improved.
  • Updated performance counters for Microsoft Skype for Business Server.
  • It is now possible to choose if GSX Monitor gather Sametime Meetings statistics in DB2 or not.
  • It is now possible to choose if GSX Monitor checks Sametime VMCU for ‘active alerts’ via the Soft MCU API or not.
  • Logging: performance and usability are improved.
  • GSX Monitor now only stores debug information about the last task crash in a unique ZIP file. This prevents filling up the hard drive and related issues.

 GSX Robot User

  •  GSX Robot User deployment process is improved.


Fixed Issues 

 GSX Monitor

  • User Experience : User Scenario Service is turning into ‘disabled’ when an action is not set.
  • Exchange EWS scenarios online version generates a warning while using Office 365.
  • Exchange Overview does not pick up the right roles for Exchange 2016 servers.
  • In certain cases, SMTP timeouts can cause delays in Alert delivery.
  • An unhandled exception error occurs when a quote is placed in an Exchange Spot Check Report filter.
  • A java.exe process is still running after the complete GSX Monitor shut down.
  • A Modularization error occurs on the first run right after a clean install.
  • In certain cases, GSX ScanEngine does not initiate the scan from a new configuration.
  • Server settings are loading slowly and sometimes do not display the proper entity type.
  • When sending a Pager alert, an error occurs if the subject contains a carriage return or a line feed.

 GSX Robot User

  • GSX Robot User automated deployment collision issues occur in certain cases.

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