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Microsoft Exchange 2016 LEDs remain grey

When monitoring Microsoft Exchange 2016 servers using GSX Monitor version 12.0.x, the services status LEDs are displayed in grey regardless of server availability. This is a known issue corrected in release 12.1.0 of GSX Monitor.
However, by utilizing our database revision tool we can solve this temporary issue.

Follow this article to download and understand how to utilize the configuration database revision tool (DbRevision.exe), and how to return the Microsoft Exchange 2016 LEDs to their intended function. 

GSX Monitor 12.0.x | Microsoft Exchange Server 2016


  • From the Main View in GSX Monitor, Exchange 2016 LEDs are displayed in grey regardless of service availability. 

How to solve the issue

The "persistent grey LED" behavior is observed when an internal configuration database revision is missing. This problem has been identified in GSX Monitor up to 12.1.0.

The configuration database revision tool is available for download in this article to apply missing database revisions and to correct the Main View Exchange 2016 LED display.

Downloading and running the configuration database revision tool

  1. Close GSX Monitor including all background services if running.
  2. Download our configuration database revision tool.
  3. Save DbRevision.exe to the following directory: \GSX Monitor\Bin
  4. Launch DbRevision.exe that was saved to the \GSX Monitor\Bin directory.
  5. Select Update.
  6. A 'Database is Updated' message will appear at the end of the update process.
  7. Click OK to accept.
  8. The following message appears, verifying the database revisions were correctly applied:
  9. Start GSX Monitor.
  10. The Exchange 2016 Server LEDs are now displayed using the correct color settings.


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