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Misrepresented DAG Status in GSX Gizmo

In GSX Gizmo the Database Availability Group (DAG) status is shown as Red or Orange. However, GSX Monitor represents the DAG LEDs as Green and no issues are reported with the DAG.  To correct this issue, we will deploy a patch on the corresponding GSX Monitor installation.

Follow this article to implement the GSX Monitor patch to correct the issue.

GSX Monitor 12.x.x+ | GSX Gizmo 1.0.2+


DAG status Red or Orange in GSX Gizmo DAG_Showing_Red_or_Yellow.PNG

DAG LED status is Green in GSX Monitor.

How to Solve the Issue

Downloading and deploying the GSX Monitor patch:

  1. Log into the GSX Monitor station.
  2. Stop GSX Monitor, including the background service.
    • Check the Windows Task Manager to verify all GSX Monitor processes are closed.
  3. Create a backup of following GSX Monitor directory:
    • GSX Monitor\Bin\Extensions 
  4. Download the GSX.Monitor.guizmo.connector.zip file attached to this article.
  5. Check the GSX.Monitor.guizmo.connector.zip file for Windows file blocking by right-clicking it and selecting Properties.
    • If there is a Security message in the General tab, select Unblock OK:
  6. Extract the GSX.Monitor.guizmo.connector.zip files.
  7. Copy the extracted files contained in the zip to the following directory, replacing files with the same name:
    • GSX Monitor\Bin\Extensions
  8. Restart GSX Monitor.

Upon the next DAG scan, GSX Gizmo will now represent the same DAG color status as GSX Monitor.



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