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How to Delete a Custom View from GSX Gizmo

You are enjoying GSX Gizmo but you may have created a custom view for testing or temporary purposes and it is no longer relevant.  Deleting a custom view is not directly available in the UI yet, so it is performed by connecting to your GSX Gizmo database and removing the associated CouchDB documents containing the view.

Follow this article to learn how to delete an unwanted custom view from GSX Gizmo.

GSX Gizmo 1.0. up to 1.0.3


Removing a custom view from the GSX Gizmo database:

  1. From an internet browser on the same network as GSX Gizmo, navigate to:
    •  http://<gizmo_url>:5984/_utils
  2. Open the GSX Gizmo database by clicking gizmo
  3. From the top right corner, click the View drop-down menu and select customviewsall :
  4. Wait for the CouchDB view to index and all configured custom views will populate as CouchDB documents.
  5. All custom views are displayed and each view is referenced by a corresponding GUID (globally unique identifier):
  6. Identify the view you want to delete using the "title: " field in the Value column:
  7. Under the Key column, click the corresponding custom view GUID that will open the view you want to delete.
  8. Verify the opened custom view title is the one you want to delete:
  9. Click Delete Document
  10. Refresh the web page for the GSX Gizmo web application. The custom view is now deleted and no longer appears in GSX Gizmo.


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