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Remote PowerShell Connection Issues. Error 0x80090311

When attempting to connect to a server endpoint, in certain domain environments or while connected to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) the connection to the PowerShell endpoint is not able to find the correct domain controller if utilizing the login format: domain\username. In these circumstances, you will need to use the user@domain login format.

Follow this article to adjust the login format from domain\username to user@domain to successfully connect to the server endpoint.

GSX Monitor 10.7 + | PowerShell | WINRM


  • Connecting to remote server failed with the following error message.  PowerShell_connection_error_0x80090311.png

How to Solve the Issue

 Changing the login format from domain\user to user@domain.

  1. Right click the server on the main view to open the configuration wizard.
  2. On the connection tab, enter the login details as user@domain.
  3. Press test connection to check the credentials now work.
  4. You should see a successful remote PowerShell connection:

 Close the wizard and allow the scan to run, it will now connect successfully.



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