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Skype For Business Online User Experience - GSX Monitor Loading Error

After upgrading to GSX Monitor version 12.1.0, you may be faced with a loading error when starting GSX Monitor.  The loading error is seen at each new launch of GSX Monitor.  This will occur when a specific GSX Monitor file failed to update during the upgrade process.  It has no impact on GSX Monitor's performance or scanning.

Follow this article to identify and correct the loading error by downloading the replacement file and applying it to your GSX Monitor folder structure.

GSX Monitor 12.1.0


  • JS Migration error on Connector 'Skype For Business Online User Experience'
  • Loading errors have occurred
  • Loading errors report Loading_Errors_report.png

How to Solve the Issue

The following procedure may break existing Skype For Business monitoring instances. For faster and easier recovery, create a backup of the \GSX Monitor\Config\ directory: 

Download and apply the following GSX Monitor fixpack for GSX Monitor version 12.1.0:

  1. Absolutely make sure you are running GSX Monitor version 12.1.0.
    • You can double check your version of GSX Monitor from Help - About GSX Monitor.
  2. Download the following file to your monitoring station:
  3. Once the file in on your Monitoring Station, right-click the Skype for Business Online User Experience.json file.
  4. Select Properties.
  5. If you are faced with a security message, click Unblock - Apply:
  6. Close GSX Monitor including all background processes.
    • You can double check all GSX Monitor processes are stopped via the Windows Task Manager.
  7. Create a backup of the \GSX Monitor\Config\ directory.
  8. Copy the downloaded and unblocked Skype for Business Online User Experience.json file and paste it into the following directory overwriting the existing file:
    • \GSX Monitor\Config\SKE\
  9. Start GSX Monitor.

GSX Monitor will now load without the loading errors occurring.


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