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How to check GSX Server Guard Licenses

The GSX Server Guard License information will inform you of the total number of server licenses and how many servers are currently configured.  The license count is the total number of servers configurable in GSX Server Guard.

If you are running GSX Server Guard version 7.7 or higher, follow this article to learn how to find your GSX Server Guard license information.

GSX Server Guard 7.7+ 


Opening the GSX Server Guard License dialog:

  1. Open GSX Server Guard.
  2. From the top right corner, click the GSX logo and select Licenses:
  3. After a few seconds, one of the following two GSX Server Guard dialog boxes will appear:
    • If you are not over your license count, you will see normal License details:
    • If you have too many servers configured in GSX Server Guard per license count, you will see extended license information detailing the over configuration:

You are now aware of your current GSX Server Guard License count!



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