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How to lower the FireBird SQL Server Process' CPU utilization

When a high level of CPU utilization is identified by the FireBird SQL Server process, this signals a need for maintenance operations on the GSX Analyzer database. The FireBird SQL Server process manages the GSX Analyzer database and an unmaintained GSX Analyzer database can cause an increase in its CPU resource needs.

Follow this article to learn how to maintain your GSX Analyzer database to lower the CPU resource needs and improve efficiency and functionality in GSX Analyzer. 

GSX Analyzer 10.x.x and up 


GSX Analyzer houses an abundance of alerts, statistics, and reports in its database and over time this can grow substantially.  The database growth depends on the configured options in GSX Monitor and Analyzer.

GSX Analyzer will be unavailable until the compaction process is complete.

The quickest immediate method to lower the FireBird SQL Server process is to compact the GSX Analyzer database as soon as possible:

  1. Launch the GSX Analyzer Manager.
    • Program Location: \GSX Analyzer\AdminTools\AManager\GSXAnalyzerAManager.exe
  2. Select Database - Compact Database:
  3. Click Yes, verifying you want to compact the database to initiate the backup process:
  4. Once the compaction process is completed you can choose to keep or remove your precompacted database:
  5. Select No.
    • We recommend, at least temporarily, keeping the database in case restoring the original database is necessary.
  6. Click Close.


The GSX Analyzer database compaction is complete and the FireBird SQL Server process will reduce in CPU utilization.

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