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GSX Gizmo 1.1.0 Release Notes

July 24, 2017

New features

• The user can now delete unused views.
• The user can now tag multiple objects at once to easily categorize objects.
• A new grid component is now available for Dashboards.



• GSX Gizmo performance has been improved.
• Messages in status component are more readable.
• GSX Gizmo installation wizard has been improved. The user can now choose:
    - RabbitMQ installation path.
    - RabbitMQ credentials to fit the enterprise policy.
    - Gizmo DB installation path.
    - Gizmo DB credentials to fit the enterprise policy.
• GSX Gizmo views load faster.
• Dashboards are optimized to better fit 1920x1080 resolutions.
• GSX Gizmo version number is now displayed in the interface.
• A waiting message is now displayed while the dashboard is loading.


Fixed Issues

• When too many filters were selected, they were not displaying correctly.
• An issue occurred in the Filter Panel when too many filters were selected.

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