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GSX Monitor & Analyzer 12.1.1 Release Notes

July 24, 2017

New features

GSX Robot User core

• A ‘Test Connection’ button is now available to scan a configuration and identify the connection issue.
• GSX Robot User deployment steps are now saved for extensive troubleshooting of Robot User deployment.
• The Robot User Manager now displays an option to enable automatic deployment of Robot Users.



GSX Monitor core

• GSX Monitor Prerequisites are updated for the .NET Framework 4.5 link.

GSX Robot User core

• The GSX Robot User Test Connection now shows the used port number.
• The GSX Robot User Manager Configuration now allows for the extended usage of ports (from 0 to 65535).
• GSX Robot User End User Experience: the 'Aggravated alert' has been improved on:
    - ActiveSync Device User Experience Manager
    - Exchange User Experience Manager
    - Network Latency Diagnostics Manager
    - SharePoint Online User Experience Manager
    - Skype for Business On-Premises User Experience Manager
    - Skype for Business Online User Experience Manager
• GSX Robot User End User Experience Network checks are improved:
    - Traceroute is now disabled by default.
    - ICMP is no longer required.
    - DNS Resolution details.

GSX Monitor for Microsoft Exchange server

• GSX Monitor is faster and runs smoother when monitoring large Exchange Environments.

GSX Monitor for Microsoft Windows Server

• ICMP Ping is no longer required. 


Fixed Issues 

GSX Monitor core

• GSX Monitor ‘Send Test Email’ did not work when the product is first launched.
• The default LED color displayed in the GSX Monitor main view was not the right color if green was not selected as default.

GSX Robot User core

• Blank spaces were not allowed in text fields when configuring GSX Robot Users from the GSX Robot User Manager wizard.
• The error message ‘Probable I/O race condition detected while copying memory.’ occurred on Robot User.
• GSX Robot User deployment was creating many SSL certificate that needed to be automatically cleaned afterwards.
• GSX Robot User End User Experience was crashing after network check timed out.

GSX Monitor for Microsoft Exchange server

• Microsoft Exchange passive Mailbox Database copies should not have been reported on GSX Analyzer Environment Health view because what matters is the mounted copy.
• The Exchange Scenario create email with attachment was not able to deploy the attachment on the target machine.
• The Primary Active Manager (PAM) changeover alert generated inconsistent alerts in a multiple DAGs environment.
• Exchange Server Wizard: the threshold (in TB) on mailbox database only allows whole numbers.

GSX Monitor for Microsoft Skype for Business server

• Some performance counters for Microsoft Skype for Business 2015 Edge were not retrieved.
• GSX Monitor was intermittently halted scanning the Microsoft Skype for Business server.

GSX Monitor for Microsoft Windows Server

• The ‘App Windows Service Test’ gave a wrong status message and description.

GSX Robot User for Cisco IronPort server

• IronPort generated false alerts due to TLS/SSL conflict.

GSX Monitor for Skype for Business online

• The Witness performance test done by the GSX Robot User was only targeting google.com instead of being able to accept any URL.

GSX Robot User for Microsoft ActiveSync online (& On-Premises)

• An error occurred when the ActiveSync Create Email action was configured.


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