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GSX Analyzer Database Version Is Incompatible With Web Service Error

After upgrading GSX Analyzer and navigating to the GSX Analyzer website, an error occurs stating that the database version is incompatible with the Web Service database.  This can be caused by the Firebird server failing to update the GSX Analyzer database version during the upgrade process.

Follow this article to repair the Firebird server installation so that the GSX Analyzer configuration can be updated properly.

GSX Analyzer 10+ | Firebird 2.x


  • Database Version Is Incompatible With Web Service one's. Database_Version_is_incompatible.JPG

How to Solve the Issue

To fix the Firebird server installation we will backup the GSX Analyzer configuration, uninstall GSX Analyzer, uninstall Firebird and then reinstall GSX Analyzer. You will need the same GSX Monitor and Analyzer installer as the one you used during the recent upgrade. The GSX Analyzer installation will install the Firebird server automatically.

To avoid uninstalling GSX Monitor inadvertently, when starting the GSX Analyzer reinstallation, be sure to uncheck GSX Monitor when prompted!

  1. Stop the GSX Analyzer Agent Windows service.
    • via Windows Task Manager or Services.msc.
  2. Open Windows File Explorer.
  3. Navigate to the GSX Analyzer Config directory:
    • example \GSX Analyzer\Config\.
  4. Create a backup copy of the Analyzer.fdb file.
  5. Uninstall GSX Analyzer from the Control Panel:
    • Uninstall_GSX_Analyzer.png
  6. Uninstall Firebird from the Control Panel:
    • Uninstall_Firebird.png
  7. Run the GSX Monitor and Analyzer installer as Administrator, uncheck GSX Monitor.
  8. Install GSX Analyzer in the same path that it was previously installed on.
  9. Restart the GSX Analyzer station.
  10. Launch the GSX Analyzer website.

The GSX Analyzer website now loads without a database version error and you are prompted to login:

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