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Cannot View Recently Added Source In GSX Gizmo - No Error Shown

You just added Monitor as a Gizmo source, you receive a message confirming the source is added, yet it does not appear in the web interface. No error is shown.

This article will assist you in forcing GSX Gizmo to display GSX Monitor sources.

GSX Gizmo 1.0.x - 1.1.x


  • Source added, processing... Source_added_processing.png

How to Solve the Issue 

If you are still unable to view the source in Gizmo after restarting both GSX stations, the below instructions should resolve the issue.  This method is performed by removing the API configuration file and storage folder created in GSX Monitor when adding the source in GSX Gizmo:

  1. Open a session on the corresponding GSX Monitor server.
  2. Stop GSX Monitor.
  3. Open Windows File Explorer.
  4. Navigate to \GSX Monitor\Config\<uniqid>\
  5. Create a backup copy and then remove the file:
    • apiconfiguration.json
  6. Navigate to \GSX Monitor\Data\<uniqid>\
  7. Create a backup copy and then remove folder:
    • storage
  8. Restart GSX Monitor.
  9. Navigate to the GSX Gizmo page.
  10. Re-add the GSX Monitor station as a Gizmo source.

The recently added GSX Monitor source now shows in GSX Gizmo successfully.

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