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GSX Gizmo 1.1.1 Release Notes

September 27, 2017

Fixed Issues

• A property was notified as already existing while it has just been deleted.
• Monitored Objects were not displayed correctly when using Mozilla Firefox browser.
• The Source Management windows should not allow the removal of GSX Robot Users.
• The ‘Open GSX Gizmo’ shortcut was not updated after the hostname or port was changed.
• Unconfigured tests should not be displayed in GSX Gizmo dashboards.
• Domino Mail Service LED was critical in GSX Gizmo while disabled in GSX Monitor.
• GSX Gizmo's installation caused the C:/GSX folder's deletion.
• GSX Gizmo Start, Stop and Status shortcuts were not working.
• DAG HA Status was reported as ‘Down’ in GSX Gizmo but ‘Up’ in GSX Monitor.
• The Exchange status calculation was not matching with Monitor.
• Labels in GSX Gizmo views could not display special characters.
• Deleting Custom views was not allowed in Mozilla Firefox.
• Exchange User Experience Scenario was showing duplicate values in graphs.

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