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GSX Monitor Not Starting - Error Loading Monitor Extensions

GSX Monitor used to start without any issue. Now, without any obvious reason or change made to the system, GSX Monitor will not load successfully anymore. This occurs after restarting your monitoring station or simply after restarting GSX Monitor, the application stating that there is an issue with loading extensions.

Follow this article to resolve the issue with GSX Monitor failing to load extensions.

GSX Monitor 10.x.+


  • Error in "Loading Monitor Extensions ..." Error_in_Loading_Monitor_Extensions.png
  • Object reference not set to an instance of an object.   Error_in_Loading_Monitor_Extensions.png
  • The "nnotes.dll" cannot be found in the Path of the machine. Error_in_Loading_Monitor_Extensions.png
  • Cannot Start GSX Monitor

How to Solve the Issue 

  1. Stop GSX Monitor and all background processes that may have loaded.
    • This can be done via Windows Task Manager.
  2. Navigate to the following GSX Monitor directory:
    • \GSX Monitor\Config\
  3. Rename the <unique id> folder:
    • That will force GSX Monitor to create a new <unique id> folder.
    • Example: \GSX Monitor\Config\77763a49-6fff-4fff-8000-8e34672fb2cb.old .
  4. Start GSX Monitor:
    • The <unique id> folder will be recreated automatically.


GSX Monitor will now load the monitor extensions and successfully start.

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