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GSX Gizmo 1.2.0 Release Notes

November 20, 2017

Specific Requirements

GSX Gizmo 1.2.0 Supported Configurations

• Exclusively supported with GSX Monitor 12.2.0 or later.
• No longer installs on Windows Clients OS.
• Supported on Windows Server 2012 R2 or later.

Ports to open on GSX Gizmo system

• GSX Gizmo & GSX Monitor RMQ communication channel port: 5672 (default).
• Web Application: 80 (default).
• Web Application Notifications: 3000.


New features


• An LDAP Server can now be used to create User accounts.
• A Login page allows users to be logged into the application.
• Users can log in to the application using LDAP credentials.
• Users can log out from the application.
• Information about the logged in user are displayed.
• It is possible to import multiple users or groups using an LDAP server.
• It is possible to import a single user or group using an LDAP server.
• An option to use LDAPS is available in GSX Gizmo.
• It is possible to remove registered users from the GSX Gizmo directory.
• It is possible to add users from different Active Directories, using Global company directories.


• It is possible to apply Viewer role or Admin role to specific users.
• It is possible to restrict View access to registered users.
• It is possible to restrict the application access to registered users.
• It is possible to edit View permissions from the Custom Views management.
• It is possible to restrict View access to LDAP users on the fly.


• Communications are secured and encrypted in GSX Gizmo.
• Administrator User's information can be edited.




• The displayed date in the Grid component is improved.
• Time loading for 'All', 'By source' and 'By platform' views is improved.


Fixed Issue


• GSX Gizmo was not reporting the 'Domino server pending mail over threshold'.

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