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How to Resolve "503" Errors in GSX Gizmo

In rare cases, GSX Gizmo will intermittently populate with HTTP 503 errors when viewing its web interface. This can be caused by some of the background micro services GSX Gizmo relies on not starting correctly.

Follow this article as a temporary workaround to the issue until it is addressed in GSX Gizmo version 1.3.0

GSX Gizmo 1.2.0


  • Gizmo Error 503 gizmo-503.png
  • view.custom.state.error.message gizmo-503.png

How to Solve the Issue

Upgrade to GSX Gizmo version 1.3.0 (when available)

Possible Workaround

Stop and start GSX Gizmo via the GSX Gizmo shortcuts:

  1. On your GSX Gizmo station, open the Windows File Explorer
  2. Navigate to your GSX Gizmo installation folder
    • example: \Program Files\GSX Groupware Solutions\Gizmo\
  3. Run Stop Gizmo.
  4. Run Start Gizmo
  5. Refresh your GSX Gizmo webpage.

GSX Gizmo is now loaded without 503 errors.



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