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GSX Technical Support SLA (Service Level Agreement)

This article describes our SLA with details on how to contact us, coverage, hours of operations, emergency support and escalation procedures. 

GSX Maintenance Services provide:

  1. Exceptional technical support
  2. 24-hour seven-day per week emergency support
    • Severity 1 - GSX Software is down and will not start, or has crashed or is freezing, call:
    • 1-310-765-4139 extension 705
    • Do not call unless it is a Severity 1 issue, create a support ticket instead.
  3. Access to all relevant updates, upgrades, intermediate versions and fixes for each product
All GSX Products

Our support teams are located around the world.

6 Support Offices
  • 2 Support offices in the USA
  • 3 Support offices in Europe
  • 1 Support office in India
4 Technical Sales Teams
  • USA
  • Europe
  • India
  • Singapore
3 Development Teams
  • Europe
  • USA
  • India


Hours of operations:

  • Monday to Friday
    • 7am GMT to 7pm GMT
  • 24x7 Emergency Support

GSX Support works in 2 levels of severity:

Severity 1 / Emergency
  • GSX Software is down and will not start, has crashed or is freezing
  • Refer to your maintenance contract for escalation procedures and Emergency Support contact information
  • SLA response time within 8 hours
Non Emergency
  • Any other inquiry i.e. feature explanation, etc.
  • SLA response time is 8 to 24 hours

 Contact Us

Trouble? Need help registering on the GSX Help Center? Looking for a guide on how to contact GSX Technical Support?

Please see details on how to make a new support request.

Our Commitment To Your Satisfaction

GSX Technical Support constantly strives to provide unrivaled customer care and attention to detail. We aim for 100% satisfaction. 

To see our current ratings and what our customers are saying about us click here.

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