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How to Secure Access to GSX Gizmo via HTTPS

With the release of GSX Gizmo version 1.2.0, it is now possible to configure the GSX Gizmo site for access over HTTPS.  A certificate.crt and privatekey.key are required.

Follow this article to learn how to secure access to the GSX Gizmo web interface with HTTPS.

GSX Gizmo 1.2.0


Configuring GSX Gizmo's website over HTTPS:

  1. Open Windows File Explorer.
  2. Navigate to \GSX Groupware Solutions\Gizmo\.
  3. Double-click on "Stop Gizmo".
  4. Create a backup copy of the env.json file.
    • \GSX Groupware Solutions\Gizmo\env.json
  5. Right-click the original env.json file.
  6. Select Edit via Notepad.
  7. Modify the below parameters with applicable port numbers and paths to your certificate and private key:
    • "WEBAPP_PORT": 80,
    • "WEBAPP_SSL_PORT": 443,
    • "SECURE": true,
    • "CERTIFICATE_PATH": "path\\to\\the\\certificate\\to\\be\\used\\by\\HTTPS",
    • "PRIVATE_KEY_PATH": "path\\to\\the\\private_key\\to\\be\\used\\by\\HTTPS",
  8. Save the env.json file.
  9. Double-click on "Start Gizmo".

You can now access GSX Gizmo over HTTPS. 

We recommend to validate the modified JSON, this will ensure Gizmo starts properly.

If you are not familiar with JSON syntax, this can easily be done online using any SAAS JSON validator, one we like is JSONLint. For example, JSON special characters must be "escaped" for the env.json file to be valid. Therefore you should use "\\" instead of "\":

  •   "CERTIFICATE_PATH": "C:\\GSX Groupware Solutions\\Gizmo\\Security\\certificate.crt"

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