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Sametime WebSphere Application Server (WAS) Unknown host/Bad port

GSX Monitor will connect to the nodes running on an IBM WebSphere server and retrieve the status of these Java bean nodes. During configuration or troubleshooting, you may wish to establish if the nodes agents are running. This can be done by looking in the Sametime Administration Console.

IBM WebSphere | Sametime 8.5+


  • Unknown host/Bad Port used to access WebSphere node. 
  • <node name> cannot be found in this configuration. 

How to Solve the Issue

GSX Monitor reports the status of the various Sametime 8.5+ nodes by connection to the node agent using Java over a SOAP connector. We need to get the correct port and the name of the node agent to be able to connect. We are going to use the IBM Integrated Solutions Console (ISC) to check on the Node Agent(s) status and port.

Getting the Node name for the WAS component

  1. Open the IBM ISC and log in as an Administrator. 
  2. In the left pane, expand the section Servers, Server Types and select WebSphere application servers:
  3. Find the server name in the list on the right e.g. STMediaServer, and then note the Node name e.g. sametime0STMSNode1.

Getting the Node agent SOAP connector port from the Node agent view

  1. Open the IBM ISC and log in as an Administrator. 
  2. In the left pane, expand the section System administration and select Node agents:
  3. Check there is a green arrow indicating the node is running. A red cross indicates the node has stopped.
  4. Locate the Node name found in the first procedure and click the nodeagent link to display the details:
  5. Take note of the SOAP_CONNECTOR_ADDRESS port number.

Configuring the WAS component in GSX Monitor

  1. Open the configuration wizard by right-clicking the server and selecting Edit Configuration.
  2. Select the WAS tab on the left: 
  3. Enter the Node name and Port number you obtained from the ISC above:
  4. Select OK to close the configuration wizard.
  5. Right-click the server in the main view and select Scan Server Now to check the status (the test connection button in the wizard will not check the status of the node).
  6. With the correct port configured, the WAS component will return the current status:


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