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How to Determine which SOAP Port is Used by a Sametime WebSphere Node Agent

GSX Monitor checks on the Sametime Nodes status by investigating at the Node Agent level. The Node Agent acts as a service broker checker and will report on the Node status. This is how GSX Monitor is able to monitor your Sametime 8.5+ Nodes status. Depending on the environment, the Sametime components could be on multiple hosts. This article shows how to find the SOAP port and hostname information for a specific node.

IBM WebSphere | Sametime 8.5+


We use the browser based IBM Integrated Solutions Console (ISC) to locate the Node Agent names and SOAP ports used. In this example, we configure the STMediaServer component. Once we have the name and host, we then locate the port number from the node agent list.

Locating the Node Agent names in the IBM ISC

  1. Open the IBM ISC in a browser and log in as an Administrator.
  2. In the left pane, expand the section Servers, Server Types and select WebSphere application servers:
  3. In the list on the right, locate the Sametime component name (STMediaServer) and note the Node name (sametime0STMSNode1).
  4. Check also that the Host Name for this node is as expected as components can be on multiple hosts.
  5. In the left pane, expand the section System Administration and select Node agents:
  6. Locate the node name in the list that we noted in step 3 and click the nodeagent link to display the details. In this example, it is sametime0STMSNode1:
  7. Take note of the SOAP_CONNECTOR_ADDRESS. This is the port number we need to enter in GSX Monitor. In the above example, this is 8883.

Configuring the WAS component in GSX Monitor

  1. Open the configuration wizard by right-clicking the server and selecting Edit Configuration.
  2. Select the WAS tab on the left: 
  3. Enter the Node name and Port number you obtained from the ISC above:
  4. Select OK to close the configuration wizard.
  5. Right-click the server in the main view and select Scan Server Now to check the status (the test connection button in the wizard will not check the status of the node).
  6. With the correct port configured, the WAS component will return the current status:


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