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Resending the Periodic Statistic Reports from GSX Monitor to GSX Analyzer

Statistics can be missing in GSX Analyzer, or the information GSX Monitor collected for a period of time has not been imported into GSX Analyzer.

This article explains how to manually send missing statistics to GSX Analyzer using GSX Monitor's report backups.

GSX Monitor & Analyzer Version 9.x and above


  • Missing statistics in GSX Analyzer.
  • The statistic view in GSX Analyzer shows a gap in time. 
  • Reports for this time period generate with n/a

How to Solve the Issue

GSX Monitor is only able to collect statistics when scanning servers. There is no way to recover missing data if GSX Monitor was not running for the time period.

It is important that you do not import data for a time period that is already in GSX Analyzer. This will create duplicates that will be difficult to remove afterwards.


To manually import the statistics from the periodic report backup:

  1. In GSX Monitor, hold down CTRL + SHIFT keys and click on Preferences > Analyzer:
  2. Holding CTRL+SHIFT will open the GSX Analyzer preferences with the Resend Report option available:
  3. Click Resend Report to open the Import browser.
  4. Click on Add and then navigate to your Backup_Periodic_Report folder:
  5. Select the report and the destination GSX Analyzer station:
  6. Click OK and you will receive confirmation the report was sent.


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