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BlackBerry Enterprise Server Common Issues Connecting to the MIB: Checking the Windows Registry

This article contains the details of the Windows registry keys needed by the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) to properly initialize the BES MIB.

One of the reasons for a BES server to fail initializing the MIB, especially after an install or upgrade, could be that the registry entries are pointing to an incorrect folder or they may be incomplete. The location and value of the critical registry entries needed are detailed below.

BES 5.0.x


  • End of SNMP View. 
  • No OID for this version.
  • Empty MIB.

How to troubleshoot the issue

First check that there is a MIB file in the correct folder:

  1. Open a local session on the BES host.
  2. Open the Windows File Explorer.
  3. Navigate to the <install path>\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\Monitoring Service\bin\.
  4. Check the BLACKBERRYSERVERMIB-SMIv2_Compat.mib file is present.

If the MIB is indeed available and the last accessed date is recent, then you can move on to establishing that reading the MIB is possible. If the MIB is missing or there is an issue with the last accessed date, then we have to check the BES Windows registry. 

Checking the Registry Settings

To check that the BES SNMP services have been properly installed and configured, we need to open the registry editor using regedit.exe regedit and look for some HKEY entries, in particular we need to check that the compat version of the MIB is present and being maintained. We then need to look for the HKEY SNMPAgent\CompatVersion and BMSI_SNMP_Agent_Compat.dll. See this article for details of the 64 bit and x86 registry paths


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Detailed instructions on how to install and set up SNMP for the BlackBerry Monitoring Service on 32bit and 64bit OS.

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