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BlackBerry Enterprise Server Common Issues Connecting to the MIB: Checking the SNMP Service Trap Destinations

One of the reasons for the BlackBerry SNMP service to fail is an invalid trap destination in the SNMP settings on the BES server. This prevents the BES MIB from being initialized.

In this article, we will check the Trap destinations from the SNMP service properties, and make sure they are all valid.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server | SNMP Service


  • SNMP End of MIB View. 
  • Empty MIB.
  • No OID for this Version.

How to Troubleshoot the Issue

We are going to check that there are no old hostnames or IP addresses in the SNMP trap destination of the BES SNMP service, because they all must be valid for the SNMP service to work properly. When a host is decommissioned and does not resolve at the DNS level anymore, it will prevent the SNMP service from initializing the BlackBerry MIB as expected if still listed as an SNMP service trap destination.

  1. Remote connect to the BlackBerry server you are investigating.
  2. Log in as Administrator.
  3. Run services.msc
  4. Right-click the SNMP service ans select Properties.
  5. Go to the Traps tab:
  6. Note the IP addresses and hostnames listed in the Trap destinations field. We will use this to determine the root cause of the problem if there is an actual issue. If the list of Trap destinations is empty, you can directly skip to checking the registry of the BES server.
  7. Open a Command Prompt and enter nslookup followed by a trap destination name to make sure we get an answer from the hostname or IP address.


If the host-name or IP address specified as a destination in the BES SNMP Trap settings is invalid, the nslookup command will fail as shown in the example below:

Invalid SNMP Trap destinations entries must be removed and the BES server rebooted at the OS level to rebuild the MIB.

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