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How to Back Up and Upload your GSX Monitor Configuration to the Support Website

This article explains how to backup your Monitor configuration and upload it to the GSX support website to share your database and configuration for debugging purposes.

GSX Monitor


Generating the Backup file

  1. From GSX Monitor, go to Preferences > Globals > Backup and click on Full Backup
  2. Click OK from the Monitor Database Backup window. 

The generated file looks like [current_date]_FullBackup.zip and is by default located in the \GSX Monitor\Backup\ directory.

Uploading the Backup File to the Support website

  1. Open http://support.gsx.com using a web browser.
  2. Click Member login and enter your credentials. 
  3. Click on My Account.
  4. Select File Exchange with GSX Support
  5. Click Select Files and browse for your backup file created above.
  6. Click Upload Files
  7. Click Execute to submit your files.

The files are now uploaded to GSX Support and available during 5 days; please let your GSX Support contact know as soon as possible.

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