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GSX Web Enabler Configuration Issues: Java Class Not Found Exception

The "Java Class Not Found Exception" error is seen in a web browser when accessing the GSX Web Enabler web page. It is usually only seen on fresh installs of GSX Monitor, as this is when the path for installing the GSX Web Enabler Java Applet is specified. In our case, the GsxMonitor.class is missing; this happens when the HTML page referenced in the URL is not located in the same folder as the required moniweb.jar compressed file (containing all the compiled Java.class files) needed to run the GSX Web Enabler applet.

Below we are going to find the missing moniweb.jar file or create a new path to it to address the root cause of the issue.

Java | All Web Browsers



  • Java Application Error.
  • Java Exception.
  • ClassNotFoundException.
  • Java Error in a browser. 
  • GsxMonitor.class file not found.
  • Moniweb.jar file not found.

How to Solve the Issue

What we need to do is locate the misplaced moniweb.jar file as this contains all the required Java .class files. We then have two options:

  • put this file in the same folder as the HTML page used in the GSX Web Enabler URL, or
  • change the URL to point to the location of the moniweb.jar file and launch the HTML page from there.

Let's see where the files we need are located. There may be two Moniweb folders on your system, one in the GSX Monitor folder, and one in the GSX Analyzer folder, leading to confusion and misconfiguration of the application:

  1. Open the Windows File Explorer.
  2. Navigate to the \GSX Monitor folder.
  3. Open the the Moniweb folder if present.
  4. Open a new Windows File Explorer window.
  5. Navigate to the \GSX Analyzer folder.
  6. Open the the Moniweb folder if present.
  7. Make note of which root folder has the moniweb.jar file in it. If you find two, one will have very few files in it: these are not the files you are looking for.
  8. Copy the contents of the Moniweb folder that contains the moniweb.jar file to the clipboard. 

Now that you have the Moniweb folder contents copied to memory from the steps above, we can paste this to the folder that has the .html Moniweb page in it.

  1. Open the Monitor OnTheFly Preferences in GSX Monitor.
  2. Take note of the Java Applet Directory listed as target. If GSX Analyzer is running on version 10.2 and above, the default is \GSX Analyzer\Web Site\Moniweb\GSXMonitor.html
  3. Open the Windows File Explorer.
  4. Navigate to Java Applet Directory as this is the folder that the URL is using.
  5. Paste the contents of the Moniweb folder into this folder.
  6. Confirm that you have a GSXMonitor.html, and moniweb.jar file in the same folder that the URL is referencing.
  7. Open the browser and try the original URL again.
  8. If there is a delay, check in the right hand corner of the browser for a Java loading symbol, any error message will be immediate.
  9. Once loaded, check that the time stamp in the bottom right hand corner is the current time. 
  10. Check that the browser is not keeping temporary files on the local computer.

Now that the Java applet is running, GSX Web Enabler will display your server status.

Oracle Sun Java Class ClassNotFoundException

More information can be found on the Java Class Not Found error in this Sun Tech Note.


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