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GSX Web Enabler Configuration Issues: Java Applet is Cached by the Web Browser

This will often be reported as GSX Web Enabler is not updating, or not refreshing or frozen.

The browser is saving the applet files locally and it does not reflect any changes from the server, so below we describe how to delete any existing cached files and change the Java settings to prevent data caching.

Java | All Web Browsers



  • The GSX Web Enabler console time stamp is in the past. 
  • The GSX Web Enabler LEDs are not up to date. 
  • GSX Web Enabler is not refreshing.
  • GSX Web Enabler is frozen.

How to Solve the Issue

To solve this, we need to remove the cached applet, and then change the options in the Java Control Panel, so that it is not saved locally again.

As this is a local issue, removing the Java applet cache will need to be done on every client experiencing the problem while viewing the GSX Web Enabler applet using a browser.

To delete the cached applet files:

  1. Close the Browser that is viewing GSX Web Enabler.
  2. Open the Windows Control Panel.
  3. Navigate to the Java Control Panel and open it.
  4. With the Java Control Panel open, click on the Settings button:
  5. Make sure the Keep temporary files on my computer option is deselected as shown above.
  6. Click on the Delete Files... button. 
  7. Select all available options:
  8. Press OK to delete the files. This will remove any cached version of the GSX Web Enabler applet.
  9. Click OK twice to completely exit out of the Java Control Panel and take the new settings into account.

Now, we will check that the applet is indeed being refreshed by the server and not from the local cache:

  1. Launch the Web Browser again.
  2. Enter the GSX Web Enabler URL into the browser.
  3. Wait for one scan cycle on the GSX Monitor Station.
  4. Check that the time stamp in GSX Web Enabler matches the console time on GSX Monitor. 

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