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GSX Analyzer Uninstall: 1001 Error

When upgrading GSX Analyzer or GSX Monitor, the old version is uninstalled prior to the new version being installed.
If the installer package is not Run as Administrator then some of the GSX components may fail to be removed cleanly, and the upgrade will abort.
When parts of the GSX Analyzer Windows Service are left behind, you will see the 1001 Error during installation and will not be able to complete the upgrade. This article describes how to solve this issue.

GSX Analyzer | .NET 4


  • Error 1001. 
  • An Exception occurred while uninstalling.

How to Solve the Issue

What we need to do is run a batch file that will install the missing service so that it can be properly removed from Programs and Features in the Control Panel. This will allow the GSX Analyzer installer to complete as expected.


To fix the problem:

  1. Download and save the attached InstallGSXAnalyzerService.bat to the GSX Analyzer install directory.
  2. Right-click a Windows Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator.
  3. Change the directory to your GSX Analyzer installation using cd\ cd <installation path>.
  4. Type InstallGSXAnalyzerService.bat to execute the batch file from the GSX Analyzer Folder as an Administrator:
  5. Verify that the GSX Analyzer Agent is available in the list of Windows Services:
  6. Resume upgrading GSX Analyzer.
If the procedure fails with an error about missing dependencies, download and extract the two attached zip files (installer.zip and Agent.zip) to GSX Analyzer\Installer and GSX Analyzer\Agent respectively. Then run the batch file again.


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