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SCOM 2012 Management Pack does not receive any GSX Monitor Alerts

After installing and configuring System Center Operation Manager (SCOM) Management Pack, no alerts are received in the GSX Monitor Dashboard view.

Management Pack for SCOM2012 | GSX Monitor 10.6.x


GSX Monitor SCOM Management Pack provides several views, all of them are empty. 

How to troubleshoot the Issue

To confirm you are experiencing the issue described in this article:

  1. From the Windows Start menu, open the Event Viewer.
  2. Open the Operations Manager view located in Applications and Services Logs section.
  3. You should find specific events generated by GSX Monitor for each alert, like:
    • Warning Event 1103 from HealthService
      "Summary :1 rule(s)/monitor(s) failed and got unloaded, 1 of them reached the failure limit that prevents automatic reload. Management group "MgmtGroup". This is summary only event, please see other events with descriptions of unloaded rule(s)/monitor(s)." 
    • Error Event 4503 from HealthService
      "A module reported an error 0x80070057 from a callback which was running as part of rule "GSX.Monitor.2012.Rule.SnmpTrapAlert" running for instance "servername" with id:"{UNIQUE-ID}" in management group "MgmtGroup". 

How to Solve the Issue

The recommended way to fix this issue is to download and install GSX Monitor 10.7.0 or newer.

In case upgrading is not an option for you, you can also follow this procedure:

  1. Close GSX Monitor including background services.
  2. Locate the GSXSetup.ini file, usually located in the "\GSX Monitor\Data" folder.
  3. Edit GSXSetup.ini with Notepad.
  4. Add the following section and value:
    • DIRECTORY=\GSX Monitor\Bin\Extensions (make sure to use the proper path for the Extensions Directory as this is dependent on your install of GSX Monitor).
  5. Save and Close GSXSetup.ini.
  6. Restart GSX Monitor service.

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