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GSX Web Enabler Configuration Issues: Incompatible Version Displayed in the Web Browser

The Incompatible Version error means that the text files used by the GSX Web Enabler Java applet have not yet been initialized or are in an unreadable state. It is usually seen on fresh installs of GSX Monitor or after a migration.

Below, we are going to check first that GSX Monitor is pointing to the correct drive and folder, and then we will check that GSX Monitor is automatically refreshing the Moniweb folder. This will ensure the browser is displaying current information.

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  • Incompatible Version displayed in the bottom left hand corner of the browser.
  • Data : bes.0.led.3 displayed 
  • Moniweb / Web Enabler displays nothing except a grey background. 

How to Solve the Issue

It is common to see this problem when the GSX Web Enabler page is viewed before GSX Monitor has been first time launched and not yet updated the files.

The reason for this error is that some text files in the Moniweb folder, like Monitmr.txt and MONITMRL.txt for example, have not yet been updated with any information coming from GSX Monitor, so they cannot be read by the Java applet.

First we will make sure that all required options have been enabled:

  1. Open the GSX Monitor - Preferences - Monitor OnTheFly:
  2. Check that Enable Web Enabler option has been selected. 
  3. Check that the path in the Java applet directory field is the same path you are using for the URL in the Web Server configuration.
  4. Leave this dialog box opened.

We are now going to ensure GSX Web Enabler is indeed updating its status files:

  1. Open a Windows file browser and navigate to the Java applet folder as noted above.
  2. Sort files by type.
  3. Delete all 5 ".txt" files:
    • Monitstb.txt
    • MONIREP.txt
    • Monitmv.txt
    • MONITMRL.txt
    • Monitmr.txt
  4. Press the Refresh button in the top right hand corner of the Monitor OnTheFly Preferences dialog box.
  5. Find the newly generated text file Monitmv.txt in the the Java applet folder:
  6. Verify that the last modified date and time is when you actually pressed the Refresh button.

When we see the text files being updated, we can check the browser again. Close the browser, restart it to clear any cache and enter the URL again. If you are still experiencing issues, make sure that the local browser is not saving the applet as a cached file by checking the Java Control Panel settings.

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