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GSX Monitor & Analyzer Install/Upgrade Issues: Exchange Performance Counters are now unavailable

From GSX Monitor version 10.7, we exclusively use PowerShell to collect Exchange statistics for increased stability and reliability.

We no longer rely on WMI to collect performance counters, but instead leverage Remote PowerShell to get these statistics directly. If all prerequisites were not in place before the upgrade, the remote PowerShell scans fails.

In this article, we will test the remote PowerShell in the GSX Monitor wizard, and see how to enable the correct access to the Exchange servers.

Windows Vista/7/8 | Server 2003/2008/2012 | GSX Monitor Version 10.7.x


  • The primary LED for Exchange server is dark green and showing: "XX Performance counters out of XX cannot be retrieved" 
  • Performance counters statistics are unavailable in the Exchange statistics view (n/a) 
  • From the server monitoring configuration, testing the connection to the Exchange Server results in failure while testing Remote PowerShell for "Microsoft.PowerShell Endpoint" 

How to Solve the Issue?

GSX Monitor connects to the Microsoft.PowerShell Endpoint to collect statistics and performance counters. To reproduce this connection, use Enter-PSSession -ComputerName Exchangeservername PowerShell command prompt.

Here we allow GSX Monitor to run PowerShell commands remotely on the Exchange server. We will need to open an RDP session on the Exchange server and then run the command from here.

  1. Locate the Windows PowerShell shortcut, by typing PowerShell in the start>Run box.
  2. Right-click the shortcut, and select Run as administrator.

  3. Run the Enable-PSRemoting command.
  4. Accept all configuration changes by pressing Y for yes when prompted:

  5. Verify the connection after applying the Remote PowerShell prerequisites.

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