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Windows User Account Control issues - Unable to launch GSX Monitor

When launching GSX Monitor from the prepackaged shortcut, you see the Password not registered or cannot open the Microsoft database used to store configuration information error. You may also see the GSX Monitor Check Rights utility fail at the ACL level.

GSX Monitor needs to be Run as administrator and the default User Account Control setting is preventing it from elevating the permissions. We will need to right-click the shortcut and select Run as administrator, or update its properties for GSX Monitor to launch properly.

Windows 2003 and later


The following messages can appear when launching GSX Monitor:

  • Password not registered: file GSX_M_ADDIN_PWD.dll not found. 
  • Errors detected while the GSX Monitor Check Rights utility is verifying the files attributes. 
  • GSX Monitor cannot open the Microsoft database used to store configuration information
    / Connection failed, Access to the database is not allowed. 

How to Solve the Issue

GSX Monitor should always be Run as administrator. Depending on how the User Account Control is configured on your system, you may never be prompted to run the application with full rights. If this is the case, you then have two possibilities:

  1. Always right-click the GSX Monitor shortcut and select Run as administrator:
  2. You may also have enough permission to right-click on the GSX Monitor shortcut to update its Properties permanently. Navigate to the Shortcut tab, then click on Advanced to select Run as administrator:

Since Windows Server 2008 / Windows Vista, Microsoft introduced new security features at the Operating System level preventing programs to run as administrator. This is enabled by default to enhance protection against malware.

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