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Changing the Directory of an Existing GSX Server Guard Installation Causes File Missing Error

Moving GSX Server Guard to a new drive or directory after it has been installed can cause an error about a missing file when trying to start the GSX Server Guard service from the new location.

This article describes the steps needed to successfully run GSX Server Guard from a different location than it was originally installed on.

GSX Server Guard 7.1 and above...


  • Existing GSX Server Guard is no longer able to run after moving to a new location.
  • Cannot find .V_T-File. 

How to Solve the Issue

First, we need to copy some configuration files from the old GSX Server Guard location on to the new installation:

  1. Navigate to the GSX Server Guard folder was originally installed in.
  2. Locate the following files in the old GSX Server Guard Data folder:
    • GSXMain0.bat, GSXMain1.bat, GSXMain2.bat
    • GSX_SG_DATA_IN.ini
    • GSX_SG_DATA_OUT.ini
    • TASK_CFG.ini, TASK_RES.ini, TaskCfg.TXT, TaskRes.TXT
  3. Copy these files to the new GSX Server Guard Data folder.

Then we create additional required initialization files by partially configuring (do not install as a Service yet) GSX Server Guard:

  1. From the new directory, launch the GSX Server Guard UI:
  2. Update the Lotus Domino directory field with a valid Domino path.
  3. Update the Notes.ini Configuration field with a valid path to your Domino server notes.ini file.
  4. Do not install GSX Server Guard as a Service yet.
  5. Click on Save Changes.

This creates configuration files that we can then modify using a text editor to reflect the new GSX Server Guard installation configuration path, in our example E:\GSX Server Guard:

  1. Navigate to the new GSX Server Guard installation location.
  2. Edit GSX_SG_CFG_Server.ini file.
  3. Update the directory variable with the new GSX Server Guard location path:
    • [CONFIG]
      Directory=E:\GSX Server Guard
  4. Save GSX_SG_CFG_Server.ini file.
  5. Edit GSX_SG_DATA_IN.ini file.
  6. Update the directory variable to the new location path:
    • [CONFIG]
      Directory=E:\GSX Server Guard
  7. Save GSX_SG_DATA_IN.ini file.

You can launch GSX Server Guard again, and install the service. Everything should be working as intended now.

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