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GSX Server Guard Configuration: Optimal Settings for Domino 8.5+ Servers

This article describes how to configure GSX Server Guard with a Domino server version later than 8.5.

GSX Server Guard is continuously checking the health of the Domino server. One of the performed tests is to authenticate with the server and open a new session. Once we confirm the session is properly opened, we request to close it, and report that the server is active and accepting connections as expected. 

As GSX Server Guard is constantly opening sessions, if Domino fails to recycle a few of these sessions properly, this can cause memory leaks over time. This may cause the Domino server to run out of usable memory and crash.

We are going to configure GSX Server Guard to use an agent to check the health of the server rather than the default API call method to avoid this issue.

Domino 8.5+ | GSX Server Guard 7+


  • PANIC: Process GSXLNGetServerStats has terminated abnormally 
  • PANIC: Process GSXLNEnv_Get has terminated abnormally
  • PANIC: Process GSXLNSendMemo has terminated abnormally
  • Domino console shows GSX Server Guard processes has terminated abnormally. 
  • Domino Server restarting frequently
  • Memory leak on Domino server

How to Solve the Issue

Below we are going to launch the GSX Server Guard UI and configure it to open as few sessions as possible.

  1. On the General Tab, deselect Enable remote operation if you are not using GSX Monitor to pilot GSX Server Guard to reboot the server remotely:

  2. From the Task Scanning tab, select Use Agent In Remote DB config for the task scanning method, even if you are not scanning tasks. This is the most important setting as the default API scanning method is opening sessions on the Domino server to check on tasks, whereas the agent scanning method avoids this:

  3. From the Advanced settings, select the Notes.ini ADDins extension manager option for 2008 and 2012 servers:


    This setting allows to use the EXTMGR_ADDINS_EARLY Notes.ini key rather than the usual EXTMGR_ADDINS, to allow GSX Server Guard to have priority when restarting over any other third party addin. Selecting this can resolve some issues clashing with anti-virus or transactional logging on some Domino servers. When the option is not used on 2008 and 2012 servers, prone to addins conflicts, your server will be waiting for the ID password "forever" or present erratic behaviour.

  4. Now that NSD is running as a Windows Service, rather than launching when Domino crashes as in previous versions of Domino, you should set the NSD dump to complete to 0:

  5.  Once you have applied the changes, restart the GSX Server Guard service.

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