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ODBC Data Source Name not Found and no Default Driver Specified

GSX Monitor relies on ODBC to connect to DB2 back-ends used by Sametime and Traveler for example. This article contains links to download sources for the DB2 driver installation package needed to monitor Sametime or Traveler with DB2 back-end.

There are many versions of DB2 driver installation packages available from IBM PartnerWorld. For simplicity, we also list here a version known to work with all versions of GSX Monitor, in case you are having issues with what can be sourced directly through the IBM Partnership.

DB2 backend for SameTime and Traveler


  • Error mentioning [ODBC Driver Manager]
  • Error message displayed: "Data source name not found and no default driver specified" 
  • ODBC error when scanning a DB2 backend (SQL Settings for Traveler or Sametime) 

How to Solve the Issue

We need to install a suitable ODBC driver and then restart GSX Monitor.

It is recommended to download IBM ODBC Drivers drivers directly from IBM by clicking here.

If you are having issues, you can also download the IBM Data Server Driver Package from our Private Download zone:

  1. Login to your GSX private downloads.
  2. Enter code: ibmodbcgsx
  3. You now have access to the ODBC Driver download.
  4. After installation, the DB2 driver is visible in the Operating System Control Panel:
  5. Restart GSX Monitor. You should now be able to connect to the DB2 back-end without any problem.

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