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GSX Web Enabler Configuration Issues: "Exchange LED Label" Error Displayed

GSX Web Enabler may display incorrectly after adding Exchange 2013 servers to GSX Monitor. The usual root cause of this problem is a partial update of GSX Web Enabler key components when upgrading to a GSX Monitor version supporting Exchange 2013.
This article shows how to solve the issue by replacing the file used by GSX Web Enabler with an updated version supporting Exchange 2013.

GSX Monitor 10.7 and above...



  • Data :exchange.0.ledLabel.1. 

How to Solve the Issue

To solve the problem, we need to replace the current monitor.jar file with an updated file that has embedded support for Exchange 2013 server LEDs:

  1. Close any open web browser.
  2. From GSX Monitor, go to Preferences > Monitor OnTheFly.
  3. Take note of the Java applet directory path:
  4. Using Windows File Explorer, navigate to the Java applet directory.
  5. Delete the current moniweb.jar file.
  6. Download a version of the moniweb.jar file supporting Exchange 2013.
  7. Place the moniweb.jar file to the Java applet directory.
  8. Re-launch your Web Enabler page.

The Web Enabler page should now display correctly.

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