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Microsoft WMI Performance Counter Issues: Inaccurate Exchange SMTP Statistics

Prior to version 10.7.0, GSX Monitor collects SMTP statistics using remote WMI queries. Unfortunately WMI sometimes returns corrupted values (Microsoft has issued several Windows hotfixes to address this issue).

In this article, we detail why you see such a behaviour in GSX Monitor and give you more information on how to work around this problem from both Microsoft and GSX stand points.

All versions of GSX Monitor prior to 10.7.0


  • When analyzing consolidated or real-time Exchange SMTP statistics, the values reported are not accurate. The SMTP counters are much higher than the real traffic values.
  • The Exchange Statistics view in GSX Monitor displays extremely high SMTP counters values in Hub section for Exchange 2010. 
  • SMTP Statistics High.

How to Solve the Issue

If you prefer patching your Microsoft server rather than upgrading GSX Monitor, please refer to the Microsoft related articles listed below.

If patching your server is not an option for you, you should upgrade GSX Monitor to version 10.7.0 or above. You can download the latest version here.

Microsoft Related articles

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