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Remote PowerShell Prerequisites Issues: Access is Denied

When launching the GSX Monitor user interface, it does not run with Administrator rights by default.

This article describes an issue related to User Account Control (UAC) that can be seen while running the GSX Monitor prerequisites checker during the configuration wizard.

GSX Monitor 10.x.x |  Windows 2003 up to 2012 R2


  • Remote PowerShell error: WSManFault  - Error number -2147024891 0x800700005 - Access is denied. 

How to Solve the Issue

When running as a regular application, GSX Monitor uses the permissions of the logged in user, and depending on the UAC this may need to be elevated. Once installed, we recommend that you run GSX monitor as a service. When running as a service, by default GSX Monitor will use Local System as its identity which has full administrator access.

  • Launch GSX Monitor using Run as administrator. 

For more information on elevated permissions and how to create a shortcut to always run as an administrator, please refer to this article.

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