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"Cannot access to Notes.ini file" Error when Configuring GSX Server Guard

You successfully installed GSX Server Guard on your Domino server and now receive a popup error about not being able to open the Notes.ini when attempting to save the GSX Server Guard configuration.

This article gives insights on where the problem comes from and explains how to resolve the issue.

GSX Server Guard | Windows 32/64 bit


  • Cannot access to Notes.ini file.
  • CNotesIni.GetKey GSXLNEnv_Get Error

How to Solve the Issue

This error arises from a bit version mismatch between GSX Server Guard and Domino. In fact, regardless of the Windows OS bit version, GSX Server Guard and Domino bit versions must match.

To resolve the issue, you will need to uninstall the incorrect version of GSX Server Guard and reinstall using the appropriate one. Below is a handy table showing the GSX Server Guard version needed for each combination of Windows/Domino:

Windows Version Domino Version GSX Server Guard bit version needed
x86 x86 x86 32-bit
x86 x64 It is not possible to install Domino x64 on Windows x86
x64 x86 x86 32-bit
x64 x64 x64 64-bit


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