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Sametime Community Chat Service is Reported Down

The Sametime Community is configured to authenticate against a LDAP server. The test user account successfully authenticates against the LDAP server and is able to connect to Sametime for chat creation and message sending using a regular Sametime Client. The GSX Monitor scenario still fails and reports the Sametime Community Chat Service as down.

This article details the reasons for this behavior and a possible workaround to the issue.

GSX Monitor | IBM Sametime Community 8.0+


  • Can't initiate a Lotus Instant Messaging chat session using ID {...}. 

Possible Workaround

GSX Monitor logging tests use the Sametime APIs to emulate chat creation and log chat messages between users. We are therefore forced to work with the technical limitations coming with this solution.

For the GSX Monitor scenario to work as expected:

  • Use dedicated user accounts for testing.
  • For test account credentials format, use SametimeUserTest@myCompany.com (RFC 2822)  rather than canonical CN=SametimeUser,O=Test,OU=Company (RFC 1035). When canonical format is required for the test account, ensure it is listed in the Domino NAB.

Also due to restrictions at the Sametime API layer, the Sametime chat account used for testing in GSX Monitor cannot be in the canonical format when residing only on the LDAP server and not in the Domino NAB. For successful testing, you must use credentials compliant with Request for Comments (RFC) 2822, SametimeUserTest@myCompany.com, rather than RFC 1035, CN=SametimeUser,O=Test,OU=Company. To work around this limitation, when not able to use RFC 2822 format, the solution is to add the test user account to the Domino NAB for the GSX Monitor scenario to work as expected. 

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