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Domino Connection Issues - Unable to Find Path to Server - Not a known TCP/IP host

All Domino server names used in GSX Monitor must be able to resolve to an IP address. This is normally done in the connection document in the IBM Lotus Notes client installed on the GSX Monitor workstation. Sometimes when a new Domino server is added to GSX Monitor, the Notes client on the GSX Monitor station does not have a connection document to be able to resolve the IP yet.

Here we will look at how to add a connection document to resolve a Domino host name to an IP address or a Windows hostname.

GSX Monitor | IBM Lotus Domino 4+


  • Unable to find path to server: 
  • Test Connection Fail: 
  • Failure.  The remote server is not a known TCP/IP host. Not_a_known_TCP-IP_host.PNG

How to Solve the Issue

What we are going to do is create a new connection document by opening the server using it's IP address.  This will get the Domino server name and create a connection document in the Contacts database on the GSX Monitor station.

  1. In the Notes Client, go to File > Application > Open. This will launch a window to open a new application.
  2. In the Look in field, enter the IP address of the Domino server: 
  3. If there is a successful connection, it will list the contents of /Data.
  4. Open any database and press OK.

Now, let's check the new connection document has been created:

  1. From the Contacts database, expand the Advanced section and click on Connections.
  2. Look for the new IP mapped to the Domino server:

 Close the Notes client and test the connection again in GSX Monitor.

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