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Troubleshooting GSX Monitor BlackBerry Outdated Mail Probes

This article provides insights on GSX Monitor BlackBerry mail probes and how to troubleshoot a Mail Routing scenario outdated status.

Blackberry Mail Probes


  • Significant consecutive outdated status in the mail routing probe history.
  • Cycle cancelled due to outdated status. 
  • GSX Monitor sends Mail routing task is not responding email alerts.
  • There is an important gap between probe injections that does not match with the time configured in the Mail Routing Scenario SLA.

How it Works

A GSX Monitor BlackBerry mail probe works as described below:

  1. GSX Monitor generates a mail probe containing a unique key, later used for positive identification.
  2. At "injection time", determined by the configured SLA, GSX Monitor sends the mail probe as the configured sender to the BlackBerry user.
  3. BES forwards the mail probe to the BlackBerry device.
  4. The BES Agent confirms when the mail probe is received by the BlackBerry device itself by returning a "BlackBerry Delivery Confirmation" acknowledgement message to the sender.
  5. At the configured SLA, GSX Monitor searches the sender's mailbox for all "BlackBerry Delivery Confirmation" messages and processes each mail body of the returned collection to find the unique key generated in step 1.
  6. When the mail probe is positively identified, the cycle is considered successful and GSX Monitor deletes the corresponding "BlackBerry Delivery Confirmation" message from the sender's inbox.

How to Solve the Issue

A GSX Monitor Mail Probe Outdated Status can happen for various reasons. Indeed, "BlackBerry Delivery Confirmation" emails are supposed to be automatically removed by GSX Monitor from the Sender's inbox. If this is not the case:

  • Verify GSX Monitor has sufficient access rights on the Sender's mailbox to delete emails.
  • Ensure the "BlackBerry Delivery Confirmation" emails subject matches exactly what is configured in the Mail Probe advanced configuration as described in the online help, as this may vary according to your BES version or locale.

In case these two checks are OK and GSX Monitor still shows outdated statuses, then you are more than likely in the following vicious circle: there are too many "BlackBerry Delivery Confirmation" emails that were not removed properly from the sender's inbox (causing delays in processing time), themselves resulting in timeouts leading to probes being considered as outdated. All this ending up in a complete bog-down of the system.

You will need to:

  1. Verify that GSX Monitor is running as a Windows Service and stable, as when it stops running for a period of time, mail probes will be considered as outdated upon restart.
  2. Double check network connectivity and performance between your monitoring station and the mail server hosting the sender's mailbox as latency will probably worsen the issue.
  3. Manually clean the sender's inbox by deleting the "BlackBerry Delivery Confirmation" emails except the latest you received.

Do not delete all "BlackBerry Delivery Confirmation" emails from the sender's inbox or you may experience GSX Monitor Mail Routing failure.

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