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Enabling monitoring of IBM suite when the IBM Notes Client is installed after GSX Monitor

GSX Monitor modularization allows to select the types of servers you want to monitor. However, when GSX Monitor is installed prior to the Notes client, IBM products like Domino or Traveler are not available for scanning configuration because GSX Monitor cannot find your Notes client install.

This article explains how to update GSX Monitor initialization settings to enable monitoring of the IBM product suite.

IBM Product Suite Monitoring


We are going to enable the IBM product suite monitoring in the GSX Monitor Modularization. 

The GSXSetup.ini file needs to be modified:

  1. Stop GSX Monitor including all background processes.
  2. Locate the GSX Monitor\Data\GSXSetup.ini file and open it using a text editor.
  3. Locate the [NOTES] section, it will be similar to what is shown below:


  4. Set the UseLotus to TRUE: UseLotus=TRUE.
  5. Make sure to specify a valid path in NotesIniPath to the locally installed Notes client notes.ini file.
  6. Save your modifications to GSXSetup.ini.
  7. Launch GSX Monitor as an Application, not as a Windows Service.
  8. If the procedure was successful, you will be prompted for the Notes ID password.
  9. Enter the Notes ID password and check that GSX Monitor launches as expected.

Once you have updated the GSXSetup.ini file, you will be able to run the GSX Monitor Modularisation to select components from the IBM Suite:

  1. Close GSX Monitor.
  2. Run the GSX Monitor\GSX Monitor Modularisation file.
  3. Select the components of the IBM Suite:

Once correctly modularized, GSX Monitor can be restarted and run as a Service.

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