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IBM Domino Server Down: Certificate has Expired

This article describes how to renew the certificate for the Notes ID used on the GSX Monitor station. Although there are no apparent issues with the Domino servers, GSX Monitor will show the servers as down with a message stating that your certificate has expired.

IBM Lotus Notes 5+ | GSX Monitor


  • Your certificate has expired. 

How to Solve the Issue

The "certificate has expired" error originates from the Domino server, and GSX Monitor is relaying this message via the alert. The Notes ID used by GSX Monitor must be certified again manually. The following process explains how to accept the new certificate from the IBM Notes Client on the monitoring station.

GSX Monitor will need to be restarted after the ID is certified again.

  1. Shut down GSX Monitor including the background service.
  2. Launch the IBM Notes client installed on the monitoring station.
  3. Connect to your home Domino server.
  4. Open the Name and Address Book (names.nsf).
  5. Accept the new Certificate so that the local Notes ID is updated.
  6. Close the IBM Notes client.
  7. Start GSX Monitor.

The Domino servers will now allow the Notes ID to connect.

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