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BES12 Server Routing Protocol Status is Reported as Down by GSX Monitor

This article helps determining the root cause of BES12 Server Routing Protocol (SRP) connection alert messages sent by GSX Monitor, while the BES Administration Console shows the SRP as being connected. This is usually related to an issue with the BES Core processes not properly populating the Windows Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) information.

Here we check the related SNMP Management Information Base (MIB) maintained by the BES Core Services to locate the source of the SRP error message received by GSX Monitor.

GSX Monitor 10.10+ | BES12


  • SRP connection is Down. 

How to Troubleshoot the Issue

The SRP is the external connection the BES server is using to communicate with the BlackBerry infrastructure, by default over TCP port 3101. The SRP can connect directly to the Internet or indirectly using a BlackBerry Router or TCP Proxy server. 

The BES Core Service is responsible for maintaining SNMP Object Identifiers (OID) that GSX Monitor uses to determine the status of the SRP connection. In rare cases the information in the BES MIB is not correctly reported, this will cause GSX Monitor to incorrectly flag the SRP connection as being down.

The BlackBerry Server may need to be restarted to resolve this issue.

Here we determine if the SRP connection status information is available in the MIB using a generic SNMP Browsing and Querying tool to connect to the monitored BlackBerry server. In our example, we use the iReasoning MIB Browser:

  1. Create a new Agent in the MIB browsing tool from Tools > Options. 
  2. In the Options window, select the Agents tab:
  3. Add a new agent.
  4. Enter the SRP Host IP Address and Community string.
  5. Select SNMP version 1 and Port 161.
  6. Select OK to save the agent.
  7. Close the options and return to the main screen.

Now that we have created an agent to use a specific community string and host, we can select it in the main screen for our tests:

Checking the OID used by GSX Monitor on the SRP host:

  1. Select the Agent created above from the Address drop down. 
  2. In the OID field, paste . as shown below:
  3. Press Go to execute the request:

This will return the value of 1 for an UP status or 0 for DOWN. If the above OID returns nothing at all, then the MIB data may not be being maintained.

Optional: Check the description field matches the message displayed in GSX Monitor to confirm there is a connection to the MIB.

  1. In the OID field, paste .
  2. This will return the text description of the error if there is one:
  3. The value returned is blank if there is no SRP connection error:

Possible Workaround

The only way to have any effect on the BlackBerry MIB is to restart the BlackBerry server operating system as MIBs are only built by the Windows SNMP service during an OS start up. Just restarting the BlackBerry services will not reconstruct the MIB.

If there is still an issue with the BES MIB not being properly populated after a complete reboot of the machine, then there may be something in the Windows SNMP service configuration that is preventing it from working as expected. Please see our article on removing non-resolvable hosts from the SNMP Configuration for more information. If the SNMP OID information is still not available, you should contact BlackBerry technical support to resolve the issue.

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