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Repairing Windows Performance counters with Lodctr

Sometimes Microsoft Exchange performance counters are not correctly populated by the operating system during start up. In GSX Monitor, this can result in an error retrieving some counters from the Exchange server.

This article outlines a procedure using a Lodctr command on the affected Exchange server to register new performance counters.

Windows Server 2008 & 2012 R2 | Exchange 2007 & 2010


  • x Performance counters out of x cannot be retrieved
  • Mailbox Role performance counters not found. 

How to Solve the Issue

This article uses a command to reload the counters for MSExchangeIS. Reloading the MSExchangeIS counters will only resolve issues with the Mailbox role counters such as: User Count, Messages Sent and RPC Requests.

What we are going to do is perform a lodctr command. This will register new Windows performance counters' names and "Explain text" (Description text) for a service or device driver. It will also save and restore the counters' settings and "Explain text". 

The following procedure may require a reboot of the Exchange server.

    1. Open a Windows elevated Command Prompt.

    2. Type the following command:
      unlodctr "MSExchangeIS"

    3. Change the directory to your Exchange installation folder:
      • Example:
        CD <drive>:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\Bin\perf\AMD64
    4. Type the following command:
      lodctr mdbperf.ini
    5. Once the next Exchange scanning cycle is complete in GSX Monitor, check the server's Performance counters in the Statistics tab. 
    6. If the performance counters are still missing, restart the Exchange server.

After executing the lodctr command, the Windows performance counters such as Active User Count are now populating correctly in GSX Monitor and no longer showing n/a.

You should be monitoring that Microsoft server! GSX Monitor accurately reports on the health status of your Windows, Exchange, Lync and SharePoint servers. Using GSX Monitor, you will be notified of issues with performance counters and be able to take proactive measures before your users notice anything.
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