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GSX Web Enabler: Displaying Outdated Status after Java Cache is Removed

This article will help you fix an issue with GSX Web Enabler displaying an outdated scan status. Even though the text files that the Java applet is reading from have been updated, GSX Web Enabler will still be displaying an old scan result.

The issue is with the GSXWebSNMP.exe process. This has stopped responding to the update from GSX Monitor and keeps a copy of an old scan result.

GSX Monitor 10.x.x | Java 1.7 | Windows 2003 up to 2008 R2



  • The last scan date is different to the Console timestamp: 

How to Solve the Issue

The GSXWebSNMP.exe process has stopped responding, this can be seen from the Task Manager. The memory used by the task will not change and it may be much higher than normal. What we will need to do is shut down the GSXWebSNMP.exe process and then restart it, this is best done by closing and restarting GSX Monitor including the background service.

Check if the GSXWebSNMP.exe is frozen in memory:

  1. Open the Windows Task Manager and select the Processes tab:
  2. If GSX Monitor is running as a service, select Show processes from all users:
  3. Locate the GSXWebSNMP.exe:
  4. Observe if the GSXWebSNMP.exe process is using memory or not (the amount of memory used should not be static and should change every few seconds).

Once you are sure that this is the issue and not a Java Cache issue, we can go ahead and restart GSX Monitor.

  1. Close GSX Monitor:
  2. With the Windows Task Manager open, observe the GSX tasks closing.
  3. Check that GSXWebSNMP.exe closes, this may not shut down properly once crashed.
  4. Right-click and end any GSX process that does not close.
  5. Close the GSXMonitorUITray.exe as well.
  6. Restart GSX Monitor.
  7. Check that the GSXWebSNMP.exe loads and is using memory.

Restart the browser that was looking at the GSX Web Enabler site with the outdated status, and relaunch the URL to check that it is now up to date.

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