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How to Change the Default Community String Used to Send Alerts with SNMP

The default SNMP community string used by GSX Monitor to communicate with the Windows SNMP service is public. Here we will describe how to change this.

Alerts sent to an SNMP target such as Microsoft SCOM (Systems Center Operations Manager) will be using the default community string, and this might not be the string that is configured. We can change this by editing the GSXSetup.ini file.

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This effects any Alert Profile that has an SNMP alert added to it.

In this image, the SNMP Traps will be using public as the community string by default.

To change this, we need to add a line to GSXSetup.ini and then restart GSX Monitor:

    1. Shut down GSX Monitor.
    2. Navigate to GSX Monitor\Data\GsxSetup.ini
    3. Open the GSXSetup.ini file in a text editor.
    4. Locate the [OPTIONS] section and add the following line under the options section SNMPTRAPCOMMUNITY=community_name
    5. Replace "community_name" with the desired community string.
    6. Save the file.
    7. Restart GSX Monitor including the service to load the changes from the .ini file.

Use the Test Profile button to check that it is now using the correct community string. Refer to Alert Profiles for more detailed information.

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