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"GSX Solutions Install Package is not a Valid Win32 Application" error message

After downloading a GSX product install package, when trying to run the setup, a Windows error message indicates that the package is not a valid Win32 application.

This article describes typical root cause for this error and how to work around it.

GSX All Products Versions


  • X:\path\Gsx_solutions_10.x.x.exe is not a valid Win32 application. 
    (install package file name changes according to the version)

How to Solve the Issue

This error message indicates a corrupted install package, or a setup file that is not suited for the Operating System you are attempting to install the product on.

Below we list probable root causes and the solution to the issue:

  • Your system does not meet the minimum Operating System requirements: please make sure to review our prerequisites and ensure your Monitoring Station is up to specifications.
  • The actual Download file is corrupt: please verify that the size of the file you downloaded exactly matches the one referenced online. If that is not the case, clear your Internet browser local cache and retry the download. You may also attempt to download the install file using an alternative Internet browser.
  • Your antivirus software may have flagged the GSX Solution setup package as a malware and tampered with it: you should temporary disable the antivirus online protection service during download and installation or create exclusion rules. Please also remember to set the recommended exclusions after installing the software.

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